Gloag of Muthill & Crieff

I’m looking for several children of George Gloag and Elizabeth Douglas. Specifically, Janet Gloag, born 4 May 1875 Muthill; George Gloag, born 27 Jan 1877 Crieff; Elizabeth Jane Gloag, born 27 Oct 1878 Crieff; William Gloag, born 25 May 1881 Crieff; Robert Galloway Gloag, born 21 Jul 1883 Crieff; Peter Gloag, born 26 Jan 1886 Muthill (he may have had a son Douglas Gloag); and Helen Gloag, born 1 May 1888 Muthill.

The family was living in Edinburgh at the time of the 1901 census. I think I may have found George Sr., along with Janet, Helen, and Peter, in South Melbourne, Australia, in 1914. I’m not sure of that, though . . .


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  1. Have a bit of info on Janet Gloag that was married to Peter McEwan around that time – is this the info you are looking for

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