Choteau Paul

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Choteau W. Paul was born in Nebraska in 1869, but his father Henry Wells Paul died as a result of an accident with a machine at an agricultural rade show 10 years later, in Chico, California. Choteau and his mother (Helen Dweller) were living with her father in Ft. Dodge, Iowa in 1880. I have recently fould Choteau in the 1910 census — he was a civil engineer for the Northern Pacific Railroad, and was listed twice that year, in different rooming houses (in Billings and Livingston, Montana — both sites of significant rail activity at the time). He was foreman of a corners jury in Los Angeles in 1947, and died there in 1962.

He’d been married for 3 years in 1910, but I don’t know anything more about that.


Cousin Project

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Are you a descendant of any of the following couples? If so, please email me.

Thomas Kent Carpenter * 1807 Rehoboth MA – 1840 Taunton MA
Sarepta Eliza Phillips * 1813 Providence RI ?

Esek Carr * 1804 Easton MA – 1883 Easton MA
Ann Sanders * 1813 Sheffield York – 1884 Easton MA

Joseph Sills * 1792 London – 1849 Charleston SC
Ann Moorhead * 1806 No. Ireland – 1882 Baltimore MD

Icabod Eddy Clark * 1811 – MA – ?
Rachel Read Mosher * 1816 New Bedford MA – 1898 New Bedford MA

Anselme St.Amant * 1786 Deschambault PQ – 1832 Deschambault PQ
Elisabeth Mercure * ? – 1838 Deschambault PQ

Francois Bordeleau * ?
Marie-Esther Gingras * 1799 Neuville PQ – ?

Charles Douglas * 1817 Monzie Perth – ?
Jane Galloway * 1815 Fowlis Wester Perth – ?

James Anderson * ?
Margaret Edwards * ?

Orren Alexander Gibbs * 1814 Benson VT – 1887 Harlan IA
Elizabeth Watts * 1825 Gresham Norfolk – 1890 Harlan IA

Charles Baughn * 1821 Washington Courthouse OH – 1896 Council Bluffs IA
Pencela Paloma Blue * 1818 Fayette Co OH – 1863 IA

Jonathan Cicero Augustus Hobby * 1811 No. Castle NY – 1850 Skaneateles NY
Sophia Ann Mead * 1817 Locke NY – Iowa City IA

Charles Edwin Parker * 1817 Billerica MA – 1887 Pittsfield MA
Harriet Gardner Bennett * 1817 Eaton NY – 1881 Pittsfield MA

Edward Goodrich * 1787 Pittsfield MA – 1870 Pittsfield MA
Laura Tremain * 1805 Pittsfield MA – ?

Truman Paul * 1789 Williamstown MA – 1875 No.Adams MA
Sallie Thayer * 1801 Buckland MA – 1875

James Coyle * 1800 Tyrone Twp PA – 1862
Mary Patterson * 1798 Toboyne Twp PA – 1833 Perry Co PA

James Longwell * 1796 PA – 1878 Port Royal PA
Kezia Geiger * 1802 – 1848 PA

Taber of New Bedford

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King of North Attleboro Massachusetts

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Herbert K. King was born in 1861, and married Grace Williams. Her date of birth was June 20, 1864. They were in Raynham Mass in 1880, and in North Attleboro in the 1900, 1910, 1920 (Grace was already a widow), and 1930 censuses. Son Victor Harold King was born in 1884, and was living in Providence for the 1920 and 1930 censuses. He may have died in New York City in 1967. Daughter Marjorie King was born in 1888; she is not listed with her mother in 1920 or 1930. Daughter Mildred King was born in 1891, and was living, unmarried, with her mother in 1930. Daughter Grace King was born in 1898, and died in North Attleboro in 1982.

Clark of New Bedford, Mass. and Brooklyn, New York

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Alonzo P. Clark was born in New Bedford about 1849, and his brother James H. Clark was born there in about 1853. In 1870, both were living in Brooklyn with their mother, Rachel Mosher Clark.

There was an Alonzo P. Clarke in Brooklyn in the 1880s, a gun salesman of some kind. He was in the 1880 census as A.P. Clarke, with wife Jennie — born in Canada — and son A.P. Jr., born in Massachusetts. This looks like a match, but I’ll have to keep looking.

It’s possible that James went to Montana. More on that later.

Steeves of Newport, Rhode Island

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Winthrop Earl Granville Steeves died in Newport in 1952. His children were Grace Steeves Klobucher, Winthrop Jr., John E. Steeves, William H. Steeves, Margaret Steeves, and Shepard W. Steeves.

Bartlett of New Bedford

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Warren Bartlett was born in 1897 in or near New Bedford, Mass. His parents were Clifton Warren Bartlett and Edith Adelaide Steeves.

Louis-David St. Amant

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Ferguson of Blackford Perth

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Alexander Ferguson married Elizabeth Douglas in 1892 in Blackford Perth. Children were Jane Ann Ferguson (born about 1894); Peter Ferguson (born about 1896); Ann Stewart Ferguson (born 1897 in Blackford) and Elizabeth Ferguson, born in 1899 in Monzievaird Perth.

Grant of Richmond

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Charles James Grant, originally from Fife, was living in Richmond, Virginia, in 1930 with his wife Helen Mitchell Lawson Grant, and children William B. Grant (born about 1914), Walter L. Grant (born about 1920), and Elizabeth D. Grant (born about 1923). Children Isabel Grant and James Grant were born after 1930.

Ferguson of Clydebank

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Peter Ferguson married Sarah Boyd on September 30, 1898 in Clydebank. He ided in 1938 in Glasgow, she in 1954 in Clydebank. They had seven children, of whom I know the names of three; (1) Sarah Boyd Ferguson, who married William Gemmell in 1925; (2) Alexander Edward Ferguson, who married Agnes McLeod in 1923; and (3) William Boyd Ferguson, who married Christine McBride in 1923.

Lewis Lowell Saunders

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Lewis Lowell Saunders was born in Oregon in August 1915.

Walgren of California

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William Edwin Walgren was born in Yankton South Dakota in 1900. In 1930, he was living in Los Angeles with wife Agnes C. Johnson Walgren. William died in January 1964 in San Francisco.

Warner of Missouri Valley, Omaha, and San Diego

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Charles B. Warner was born in 1870 in Missouri Valley, Iowa. He was with his wife Alice in Omaha in 1910 and 1920, and in San Diego, California, in 1930. Their son Kenneth Warner was born in Iowa in 1901. Daughter Harriet Ruth Warner (or Ruth Harriet Warner) was born in 1899. Neither child was listed with their parents in the 1930 census.

Frances H. Chippendale

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Frances Chippendale was born June 17, 1910 in Everett, Mass. Her parents were Albert H. Chippendale and Harriet Parker Chippendale. Albert and Harriet died in the mid-1960s in Stuart, Florida.

Harold Perley Miner

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Harold Perley Miner was born in 1905, and died in 1981 in Gardner, Massachusetts.

Fox of Southwick, Massachusetts

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Douglas Nelson Fox (1918-1986) married Margaret Stone, and lived in Southwick. Raymond Douglas Fox and Robert Nelson Fox are sons.

Dale Herbert Cutler

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Dale Herbert Cutler died in 2000 in Davidson, North Carolina.

Yrene Goodrich, Yrene Jagger, Yrene Dayton

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Yrene Goodrich Jagger had a daughter Yrene Jagger Dayton.

Hutton of Guadaloupe Valley, Texas

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Frank A. Hutton, a Civil War veteran from Pennsylvania, was living in Guadaloupe Valley in 1880 with his wife Florence Longwell Hutton, and daughters Florence ‘Nellie” Hutton and Bessie Hutton. Nellie was born about 1867, and Bessie about 1873.

Frank Hutton died in 1886.

Smith of Thunder Bay, Ontario

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Andrew Paton Smith, and his wife Annie Ferguson, emigrated from Scotland to Canada in about 1904. They were in Ft. William, Thunder Bay District, Ontario at the time of the 1911 census. Their son William Smith married Edith Emily Cox there in 1920. Their daughter Euphemia Smith married Thomas Monteith in 1922. Other sons listed in the 1911 census were Alexander Smith and David Smith.

Bordeleau of Roberval

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Moise Bordeleau, of Roberval, Quebec, married Amanda Levesque in 1905. I know they had a son Jean-Baptiste Bordeleau; they may have had other children as well.

Gloag of Muthill & Crieff

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I’m looking for several children of George Gloag and Elizabeth Douglas. Specifically, Janet Gloag, born 4 May 1875 Muthill; George Gloag, born 27 Jan 1877 Crieff; Elizabeth Jane Gloag, born 27 Oct 1878 Crieff; William Gloag, born 25 May 1881 Crieff; Robert Galloway Gloag, born 21 Jul 1883 Crieff; Peter Gloag, born 26 Jan 1886 Muthill (he may have had a son Douglas Gloag); and Helen Gloag, born 1 May 1888 Muthill.

The family was living in Edinburgh at the time of the 1901 census. I think I may have found George Sr., along with Janet, Helen, and Peter, in South Melbourne, Australia, in 1914. I’m not sure of that, though . . .

Letson of Iowa

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Warren Letson married Marcella Baughn. They lived in Hastings, Nebraska, where children Flora Letson, Helen Letson, and George A. Letson were born. They moved to Missouri Valley, Iowa. George A. Letson was living in Des Moines, Iowa in 1930.